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A unique neural network on silicon inspired by the human brain


  • • Adaptive, life-long learning
  • • On-chip and Off-chip training
  • • Opening era of Field Trainable Gate Array™
  • • Knowledge export and traceability

Unique architecture

  • • Memory and processing logic in a same cell
  • • Identical and interconnected cells/neurons
  • • No supervisor
  • • Low and deterministic latency

Easy to integrate

  • • Simple connectivity through a proprietary NeuroMem bus
  • • Low power consumption
  • • Expendable network through multiplicity of chips

Available NOW

  • • TQFP package
  • • Wafer scale package
  • • IP on FPGAs
  • • API and SDK for Windows and Linux
  • • Knowledge Builder Software Suite

NeuroMem IP

NeuroMem Chips

Evaluation boards and tools

Featured Product


  • Add learning and decision making to your sensors
  • Interface to your favorite microcontroller through SPI
  • Drivers for Arduino, Mbed, Python
  • Accelerate your data analytics
  • High speed learning, classification, novelty detection, etc.
  • Choice of tools: C/C++, C#, MatLab, LabVIEW

SDKs and Tools

CogniSight SDK

CogniSight for Windows to learn and recognize objects, texture, targets, and more

CogniPad SDK

CogniPad SDK | NeuroMem

CogniPat for Windows to learn and recognize vectors extracted data, signal and images


NM500 | NeuroMem

NM500 SDK allows you to manage nepes NM500 neuromorphic chip and implement custom solutions

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