AI powered applications in the on-line services include person identification, early detection of risk and systemic failures, automation to reduce malicious intent in enterprise systems, natural language processing, real-time sentiment analytics and market trendin, etc.

Face and voice authentication System (2015,Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi)

this paper presents a multimodal authentication (person identification) system based on simultaneous recognition of face and speech data using a novel bio-inspired architecture powered by the CM1K chip. The CM1K chip has a constant recognition time
irrespective of the size of the knowledge base, which gives massive time gains in learning and recognition over software implementations of similar methods

Network Intrusion Detection (Purdue University)

The current state of the art in intrusion detection systems mainly relies on heuristic rules called signatures to detect intrusions to a network environment. The downside of signature based approaches is that they can only detect previously known attacks. Since no signature exists for new attacks, other approaches need to be considered. Here, machine learning algorithms may be beneficial.

Research of Professional and Scientific Documents (Synaptics, Genova, Italy)

This document describes a feasibility study on the development of a new generation of Internet Search Engines that should enable the professional user to search documents by complex contexts instead of single words linked by logical conditions. The method is well known in the literature and is, often, correlated to the WEB-SOM neural methodology.