AI powered applications in manufacturing operations can employ distributed and pervasive control of the production, quicker adaptivity in changes in operations and supply chains, predictive maintenance of the machinery, automated inventory control and management, etc.

Off-shore fish Inspection

A generic image learning system, CogniSight, is being used for the inspection of fishes before filleting offshore. More than 30 systems have been deployed on seven fishing vessels in Norway and Iceland over the past three years. Each CogniSight system uses four neural network chips (a total of 312 neurons) based on a natively parallel, hard-wired architecture that performs real-time learning and nonlinear classification (RBF).

Bottle filling level inspection

A contributing factor to the reputation of a brewery is the consistency of its bottle filling level. If such control is easy for a wine maker, it is a little fuzzier for a beer maker since the foam does not have time to settle by the time the bottle is inserted in its 6-pack package. On the other hand, under jam circumstances, the foam may have totally settled when the bottle is inspected for its filling level.

Glass surface defect detection

General Vision’s Defect Detection System (DDS) is a modular affordable system for the detection of anomalies in surfaces including glass and plastic, vinyl, wood, paper and pulp, fabrics, printing, and more.

PCB inspection

Simple show and tell interface to teach a CogniSight camera how to detect and report bad solders on a board.