Driver awareness

The NeuroMem CM1K chip is trained to recognize a pair of eyes. It is so low-power you can envision to place it with the sensor in the dash board. Put a pair of each and you can get stereoscopy and detect the infamous head tilting of the sleepy driver.

Car Tracking

Example of target tracking with NeuroMem

Face and voice authentication System (2015,Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi)

this paper presents a multimodal authentication (person identification) system based on simultaneous recognition of face and speech data using a novel bio-inspired architecture powered by the CM1K chip. The CM1K chip has a constant recognition time
irrespective of the size of the knowledge base, which gives massive time gains in learning and recognition over software implementations of similar methods

Vehicle-License-Plate Recognition (2011, Beijing Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture)

A license plate recognition system based on neural networks was designed and developed. The system used a neural-network chip to recognize license plates. The chip combined video image processing module with neural network module by using equalized image processing algorithm and network classification algorithm. A set of interface circuit was developed for implementing license-plate-number recognition. Experiment results show the system can guarantee a very low error rate at an acceptable recognition time.