Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and Defense

AI powered applications in defense and security includes ground aerial surveillance, protection of infrastructure such as airports, power plants and economic sectors that are vulnerable to attacks, detecting anomalous behavior in crowds and individuals, and using distributed sensors and pattern recognition to predict infrastructure disruptions through natural/man-made causes.

Target Tracking

The camera featuring neurons inside has been trained to keep the target in the center of the field of view. The output of the firing neurons controls the steper motors.

Adaptive Optics

  • Possible applications of wavefront sensors
  • Wavefront sensors : state of the art, problem and specifications
  • Real-time embedded approach
  • New miniaturised wavefront sensor
  • Conclusion and outlook

Face and voice authentication System (2015,Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi)

this paper presents a multimodal authentication (person identification) system based on simultaneous recognition of face and speech data using a novel bio-inspired architecture powered by the CM1K chip. The CM1K chip has a constant recognition time
irrespective of the size of the knowledge base, which gives massive time gains in learning and recognition over software implementations of similar methods

Real-time, high performance face recognition system, Part1 – IEEE publication, 2011, ANURAG

Automated Face recognition is a technique employed in wide-range of practical applications, which include access control, identification systems, surveillance and law enforcement applications to name a few, and future improvements promise to spread the use of face recognition further still. Radial Basis Function Networks (RBFN) have proven effective approach for face recognition. Software implementations fail to capture the inherent parallelism of RBFN and incur long training time.

Size Weight and Power Constrained Security Applications (Air Force Research Laboratory, Rome, NY)

  • Nano-Enabled Computing
  • Neuromorphic Computing
  • ASIC Artificial Neural Networks
  • Computational Intelligence Near the Sensor
  • Neuromorphic Systems and Nanotechnology for Network Security