NeuroMem Knowledge Builder (Windows)


Software Development Kits (Windows) to manipulate your datasets in C++, C#, Python, or MatLab.


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  • Description

    Product Description

    • • Windows-based application using a NeuroMem network to learn and classify sets of vectors
    • • Training and testing dataset are easy to format in txt and csv format
    • • Agnostics to the data types
    • • Input vectors be features extracted from measurements, signals, images or else
    • • Learning diagnostics reports how many neurons are required, as a summary and detailed per category
    • • Classification diagnostics reports the accuracy and throughput of the recognition, as a summary and detailed per category
    • Review the manual>>
    • • Simulates NeuroMem network of 1024 neurons
    • • Interfaces to NeuroStack and NeuroShield
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