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NeuroShield for your Arduino, Raspberry PI and other projects
NeuroShield | NeuroMem
NeuroShield used as a USB device
NeuroShield | NeuroMem
NeuroShield Front and Back


NeuroShield is a shield board featuring the NM500 chip with 576 neurons ready to learn and recognize stimuli extracted from any type of sensors including IMU, audio, environmental sensors, bio-signal, video and more.

NeuroShield Diagram | NeuroMem

Arduino Tools

Our  Arduino library is compatible with the NeuroShield as well as our former BrainCard. It allows saving data files and project files in a format compatible with our Knowledge Builder tools and SDKs.

  • Academic scripts to understand how easily you can teach the neurons and query them for simple recognition status, or a best match, or a detailed classification of the K nearest neurons.
  • Motion recognition examples using the on-board IMU from Invensense (MPU6050) and the IMU from the Arduino101.
  • Video recognition examples using an ArduCAM shield.

PC-based tools

NeuroShield can be connected to a PC through USB so you can access the neurons from our Knowledge Builder software or develop your own applications using our standard API or SDKs.

Additional tools available from NeuroMem:


NeuroShield | NeuroMem
  • NM500 chip (576 neurons); network is expandable to 4032 neurons by stacking up to 3 NeuroBrick modules
  • SD card slot to save and restore the knowledge built by the neurons, collect data, etc
  • 6-axis Motion Sensor (InvenSense PMU6050)
  • 8 LEDs indicators
  • Connectivity
    • Arduino connectors
    • USB_C connector
  • Power source
    • Arduino connector
    • micro USB
  • NeuroShield manual

NeuroShield is a product of nepes (Korea)