NeuroMem Smart Products

Partner directory listing

As a valuable partner of NeuroMem Technologies, we would like to offer you a free listing on our web site to advertise your company and its products and services using the NeuroMem technology.  Our sole requirement is that your product description (electronic and printed) clearly states the use of a NeuroMem® chip when mentioning our neurons. As an option, we will gladly  provide you with our “NeuroMem® Smart” logo for insertion in your publications.



Maker Collider

CurieNeurons Kit

The CurieNeurons Kit, released by DFRobot and Maker Collider, is an easy-to-use tool for makers at levels to have a shot at building artificial intelligence related IoT projects. It enables users to build smart hardware capable of pattern learning and classification without a single line of code.


CI9120, CompactRIO module

Cogito Instruments offers a full range of NeuroMem-based products, compatible with National Instruments’ embedded platforms. Our CompactRIO cartridges and SOM modules give industrial machines the ability to learn and recognize patterns.
We focus on Industry 4.0 applications such as industrial Inspection, condition based monitoring, predictive maintenance and robotics.


UAB Neurotecnologijos

NT Industrial Automation hardware and software complex

The solution is intended for recognition of various operating modes of process equipment. From the available SCADA level data, vectors are formed and classified according to categories in accordance with the mode of operation of the process equipment. Then these vectors are fed to the inputs of the adaptive controller and are accordingly stored. After training, the data at a pace with the technological process is extracted from the SCADA level and recognized. When recognizing a vector, it is mapped to a category and hence the conclusion is made about the mode of operation of the equipment. Further, the conclusions can be interpreted by SCADA level software programs or by the software of the UAB Neurotechnologijos and a control action is taken or a message is given to the technologists.

More to come …