NeuroMem IP

Neuromorphic Technology Available for Licensing

NeuroMem Technologies Pte Ltd, A General Vision Inc. Company, focused on the use and benefits of neuromorphic semiconductor components for pattern recognition announced that its Neuromorphic Memory Unit (NMU) IP has been structured for ease of implementation into semiconductor designs and is available for immediate licensing. NeuroMem’s massively parallel solution enables pattern recognition at a fraction of the time and power used by conventional processing techniques. Our NMU technology has already been licensed by top 5 semiconductor manufacturers for incorporation into their chips, and the newly generated IP package has been validated, and developed to ease adoption for future designs.

The NeuroMem IP is available for licensing in multiple formats and under different contractual terms.

  • IP for Evaluation on FPGA
  • IP for Production On FPGA
  • IP for SoC design

For more information please contact Calvin Ng, Director of Licensing