Christian Morales


Christian Morales has a very diverse and extensive experience in technology, applied to different industries as well as consumer products having started with Texas Instruments in 1979. He has worked on automatisms, robotics and TTL while at Texax Instruments and then joined Intel in 1980 to work on automotive, embedded applications and telecommunications. He has opened offices and extended the company’s presence in several countries and regions, based in Paris, Madrid, São Paulo, Hong Kong, Brussels in general management positions.

While in Asia, he was Vice President and General Manager for Intel, expanding the company’s reach throughout the region, creating a brand and ecosystem build up to accelerate the availability of solutions to the respective verticals, leading the worldwide emerging market growth strategies.

Since 2003, he was EMEA’s GM and VP where he grew Intel s presence throughout the region, across many segments and technologies from PC s to embedded solutions, to servers, datacenters, IoT, cloud addressing specific industry segments such as automotive, energy, finance, etc. In this role, he has worked with Governments to accelerate education, infrastructure and innovation initiatives across the region, always in the context of building ecosystems and involving Intel Capital to add the needed startup expertise and technologies to develop the most suited solutions.

Pierre Brunswick | NeuroMem

Professor Dr. Pierre Brunswick

CEO, Neuromem Technologies PTE

Pierre brings over 40 years of international experience in business development, sales, marketing, engineering, finance and incubators to his role of CEO at Neuromem. Throughout his career, he has managed a region covering 94 countries and 9 local offices. He has helped customers complete large projects and implement the right strategy to grow, merge, acquire new businesses, go public, hire the necessary talent and establish local offices as well as form joint ventures.

Pierre has developed significant local government relationships (including technology transfers, big infrastructure projects and top technology specific programs), working with financial institutions & elaborated many educational programs, including incubators for start-ups.

Before becoming CEO and cofounder of NeuroMem Technologiesin March 2017, Pierre (Elected Knight from the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2005) was the chair of the board of directors of EloCath (the holding company of UNANALAC in UAE and PBRC in Geneva) based in Singapore where the group was focusing on incubators and promoting new technologies and talents. ELOCATH has partnered with some of the best engineering companies around the world, promoting leading disruptive technologies in key sectors.