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BrilliantUSB | NeuroMem


BrilliantUSB® is an easy to use Artificial Intelligence evaluation and development tool. Thanks to the NeuroMem H/W Artificial Intelligence technology, It has compact USB memory type form factor easily inserted into the standard USB port of your PC/Laptop to develop A.I enabled application instantly. No need to learn complicated algorithm programming such as C++ or Python, it uses graphical user interface software called “Knowledge Studio” which is as easy as using powerpoint or photo editing S/W.

BriliantUSB® features 500 ~ 2000 neuron engines to cover requirements from DIY hobbyists to those serious application developers. Each neuron engine can learn and classify from images, videos, signals and text from saved data or capture and learn live data from other standard USB peripherals such as USB Cameras, Mics, Kinects and etc. No cloud, no training server is necessary. Training and Inferencing is seamlessly done inside the same BrilliantUSB® in real-time at the field you are using your A.I application.

BrilliantUSB | NeuroMem


BrilliantUSB | NeuroMem
    • NM500 chip 4 NM500s (2,304 neurons)
    • USB2.0 support
    • X03 FPGA for interconnection
    • On-flash memory for saving user knowledge data
    • 3-colors LED indicator
    • @48Mhz(FPGA), @35Mhz(NM500) < 150mW
    • OS platforms: Windows, Mac OSX

NeuroShield is a product of nepes (Korea)