Evaluation boards

Whether you want to built an IoT device or have a complex big data application to solve, we offer evaluation boards and tools of all levels and prices so you can try our NeuroMem network

ProdigyBoard | NeuroMem


ProdigyBoard is a trainable pattern recognition board for IoT and smart appliances featuring the NeuroMem NM500 chip with 576 neurons which can interface with Arduino boards or a PC.

NeuroShield | NeuroMem


Extract features or signatures from signals transmitted by the on-board Accelerometer/Gyroscope or from other Arduino shields with sensors including IMU, audio,environmental sensors, bio-signal, and video

NeuroBrick | NeuroMem


• Module with two NM500 chips (1152 neurons) and hirose connectors for stackability
• Add NeuroMem neurons to your design

More to come …