Evaluation boards and tools

Whether you want to built an IoT device or have a complex big data application to solve, we offer evaluation boards and tools of all levels and prices so you can try our NeuroMem network



NeuroTile is a unique combination of sensors, microcontroller, FPGA and a NeuroMem® neuromorphic chip in a miniature module perfect for wearable and low-power IoT applications.


CurieNeurons Library

The Intel Curie module features a 6-axis accelerometer/gyro, Bluetooth LE and a QuarkSE SOC with 128 NeuroMem neurons ready to learn and recognize patterns in real-time while developing with the user-friendly Arduino IDE.


Knowledge Builder (KB)

A Knowledge Builder (KB) is an application which lets you train the neurons using annotated data sets and verify that the training is appropriate and sufficient to deliver recognition with acceptable accuracy and throughput for your application.

More to come …