ProdigyBoard | NeuroMem


ProdigyBoard is a trainable pattern recognition board for IoT and smart appliances featuring the NeuroMem NM500 chip with 576 neurons which can interface with Arduino boards or a PC.

ProdigyBoard is easy to use through the ProdigyBoard library and Software Development Kit (SDK).


ProdigyBoard | NeuroMem
    • USB 2.0 Support (Cypress FX2, High speed, with a signaling bit rate of 480 Mbps)
    • Two NM500 chips are built in (1152 neurons)
    • Extendable NM500s with NeuroBrick board, up to 3 NeuroBricks (MAX. 4608 neurons)
    • FPGA usage for interconnection
    • DDR3 Memory (1Gb, 8 Meg x 16 x 8 banks)
    • 16Mbit flash (dedicated to the FPGA configuration)
    • Mini HDMI output (HDCP V1.4, 720 display)
    • Camera module compatible (5M Pixel)
    • Audio MEMS
    • Micro SD Card support
    • <150mW @static
    • OS platforms Windows, Mac OSX

NeuroShield is a product of nepes (Korea)