NeuroMem® A.I. Training Course

NeuroMem® Technologies Pte Ltd, A General Vision® Inc. Company offers Artificial Intelligence training courses on the NeuroMem® and CogniSight® technologies, its applications, the eco-system and methodology for their deployment. The course will feature a combination of formal presentations and demonstrations as well as hand-on exercises using software and hardware supplied by General Vision.

This course will be conducted in Singapore at NYP [Nanyang Polytechnic] on the 9 & 10 October 2017 by our founders Guy & Anne from General Vision.


Date: 9 & 10 October 2017

Time: 8am to 5pm

Seminar Room S477
4th Level of Block S,
The School of Engineering
Nanyang Polytechnic
180 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8
Singapore 569830


Understand the high value proposition of the NeuroMem pattern learning and recognition technology to deploy edge intelligence in a practical way, with in-situ and on-the-go learning, high-speed and reactive matching at low-power.

Understand the high value proposition of NeuroMem for data analytics of multiple sources such as streaming data, sound and audio files, images and movies files, and how it can reduce the contribution of GPUs and CPUs towards global warming by being dedicated to low-power in-storage pattern recognition.

Understand the concept of knowledge builder applications and their importance for a user-friendly deployment of application and the portability and sustainability of knowledges built with NeuroMem.

Methodology to design and deploy a NeuroMem Smart system, software and hardware considerations, selection of the proper features to model your decision space, dealing with compromises between performances such as speed, accuracy and throughput, etc.


Programming using NeuroMem as a network of single or multiple non-linear classifier:
Arduino101 and BrainCard platforms
NeuroStack platform and architectures

Deliverables and Practice:
NeuroMem Knowledge Builder Lite
CogniPat SDKs
Reference Designs
Rebate coupon to purchase hardware


Understand the high value proposition of CogniSight for Industry 4.0, faster the frame rate video surveillance, indoor and outdoor stereoscopy, miniaturization of smart sensors into consumer products without draining the battery.

CogniSight is the exploitation of NeuroMem to address numerous image learning and recognition challenges at low-power, with amazing adaptivity and response time:

  • Discrete complex objects classification
  • Surface classification and anomaly detection (glass, wood, food, etc.)
  • Template matching (printing, semiconductor, etc.)
  • Target tracking, stereoscopy
  • Deep learning

Methodology to design and deploy a CogniSight Smart application ranging from simple pass/fail part inspection along a production line to complex video analytics and scene understanding dealing with obstructed objects and a variety of contexts.


Programming using CogniSight as an engine with supervised and unsupervised learning capabilities

Software architecture for vision-only and sensor fusion applications

Deliverables and Practice:
Image Knowledge Builder Lite
CogniSight SDKs
Reference designs
Rebate coupon to purchase hardware


  • Business development managers who want to understand the value proposition of the CogniSight and NeuroMem Technologies
  • OEM, System integrators seeking a competitive advantage for their line of products and services
  • Software and hardware engineers who want to understand how to deploy applications and systems quickly and efficiently.

Image and Video analytics

Signal, Audio and Voice analytics

Text and Data analytics